Wally One Indoor

An easy, beautiful way to create a vertical garden on any wall. Perfect for creating an herb garden or for growing an edible garden where space is limited. The breathable felt like material (made out of recycled plastic bottles) is a great environment for plants to grow. Use included screws and fasteners to hang on the wall and choose plants that will receive the appropriate amount of sun.
Height = 15 inches
Width = 24 inches
Soil Volume = 0.40 cubic feet
$39.00 $19.50

Indoor Wally has a military grade moisture barrier. This barrier creates a reservoir, allowing Wally’s tongue to continue wicking water to your plant’s roots long after you’ve walked away. This creates a healthy environment allowing your plants to absorb as much water as they need, while conserving water and helping to keep the soil’s nutrition in the Pocket.

Outdoor Wally has a slightly shorter moisture barrier than the Indoor Wally. While it still allows the plant’s roots to drink, it does not build a reservoir. This is because in outdoor situations you will need your Pocket to drain when there is an excess of water (a.k.a rain). If you are installing your Wally on a covered patio, you may want to opt for an Indoor Wally as the elements will not be an issue.