Ceramic Sky Planter Medium

Turn your garden on its head and fill your kitchen with delicious herbs that grow within arms reach but don’t take up any of your counter space. A locking disc holds the soil and plant in place, and an innovative reservoir system conserves water by 80% and gradually hydrates the plant's roots. White ceramic with stainless steel wire.
7.5” h x 6.5” diameter
Includes a ceiling extension hanger or wall mount at no extra cost (a $12 value)
$75.00 $37.50

Growing Tips:
Install your Sky Planter where there is enough natural light for your plant. 
Water: The reservoir system feeds water gradually to the plant roots and minimizes water loss through evaporation or drainage. Sky Planter reservoir will typically hold enough water for up to two weeks in a temperate climate. You’ll need to refill more often during hot weather.
Planting: The Sky Planter is designed to hold standard indoor potting mix. Try growing plants such as fennel, strawberries, parsley or mint.