Food Map Small

The Food Map Container is great way to grow a productive edible garden in a small space. The contoured form of the container base is specifically designed to let water drain quickly and evenly which keeps plants from being damaged by sitting water, but also has a central reservoir where a small amount of water collects keeping the soil moist longer. The Food Map Container has rubber casters so you can move the container easily to the best growing space as weather and sunlight conditions change.
Height: 23.25", Width: 15.25", Length: 33"
Ships from Los Angeles, CA

Made with 100% post-consumer recycled food-grade HDPE (from curb-side recycled milk jugs) the Food Map is 100% recyclable. HDPE is a non-toxic weather resistant plastic idea for gardening containers. HDPE is Bisphenol A and Phthalate free. The frame is made with metal tubing coated with a weather resistant powder coating. 

Go to town planting beets, carrots, herbs, flower, tomatoes and anything else your heart can imagine in this planter!